Elegant Winter Baby Shower Ideas

It’s time to start celebrating the soon-to-arrive bundle of joy, but what’s bold and unique and can be done in the winter? Take a hint of inspiration from some of these beautiful and elegant winter baby shower themes to liven up
the lives of your hibernating family and friends. Give them a reason to come out and shower you and your baby bump with ladles of warm winter love. And remember, the magic is in the details as well as in the venue you choose to have this event.

Four Fun Baby Shower Themes

A winter baby shower does not have to be gray  and dreary. You can incorporate elements of the season into the day as well as some vintage themes that can brighten up the event. Here are four ideas you can choose from to make your winter baby shower a little more cozy.

1. Ice, Ice Baby

You’re a mom with style, so put a glamorous edge on your baby shower with a crystal theme. Be prepared to bling out the venue with strings of chandelier crystals and crystal ice chips. Best part: you don’t have to go all-out to make a big impact. A few sparkles here and there, against black, white pink or icy blue will make an enchanting icy winter look. Don’t worry about running up a bill with real crystals when everything you need can be found at online craft stores, right down to crystal baby shower favors.

2. Warm Fuzzies

Another chic baby shower theme that will have fashion-forward mommies purring is one swaddled in leather and fur. This theme could go several ways with safari animal print direction or rustic Nordic pelts, to throw out a couple of examples. Complement the fur items with light blankets and pillows in colorful ethnic textile prints. Your guests will be glad to have something sumptuous to curl up with while you play games, catch up and open presents. The theme can get really cute with festive zebra or cheetah print baby shower decorations.

3. It’s Kate Spade, Baby!

Ever notice how Kate Spade uses copious amounts of innocent, sugary-sweet imagery in her ad campaigns? You don’t have to call it a Kate Spade party if you don’t want to, but trust us when we say that you’ll be wanting to nab some of the designer’s best ideas for your event. Order Kate Spade inspired cakes and treats, serve whimsical tuft of cotton candy in martini glasses and include plenty of stripes, florals, pinks, blacks and yellows. Stumped for party gifts? How about the Kate Spade cupcake coin purse. Or you can easily look  for cute alternatives without the hefty price tag.

4. Some Bunny Special

What’s cuter and more winter-friendly than a snow bunny? This theme can be as classy or as cutesy as you please, all

you have to do is adjust the color pallet. Your colors can be white and silver with touches of purple and green foliage, also look out for silver bunny table weights and white porcelain bunny serving accessories. On the other hand, pastel highlights and big florals are more light-hearted and adorable like this vintage bunny themed party. Alternatively, you may do something that incorporates a Velveteen Rabbit inspired tea party.

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