The Benefits Of Having Outdoor Weddings

It’s easy to write off an outdoor wedding due to the sometimes unpredictability of nature in general. Bugs, rain, heat, wind, can all be counteracted in order to have a stellar outdoor wedding. Here are some reasons why an outdoor wedding may be preferred over an indoor wedding.


  • Scenery: get married in style as having the mountains, the ocean, or a picturesque garden or forest as a
    backdrop can make the entire wedding much more charming.
  • Cost:  it can sometimes be less expensive to have a wedding outdoors. Why? Because, normally separate payments are made for the church and wedding reception, but this isn’t necessarily the case for outdoor weddings, especially if you are able to find a wedding venue that can offer an area for the ceremony as well as ample accommodations for a sit down reception and dancing.
  • Theme: an outdoor wedding can also tie in to any theme! The couple does not have to worry about drapes that don’t quite match their taste or bad looking carpet when planning for their wedding.
  • Decor:  it is much easier to keep things simple based on the natural beauty of the venue you select. What better way to decorate than with seasonal flowers for your garden wedding

Things of an unexpected nature

It is also important to note that an outdoor wedding may bring some unexpected encounters. Be prepared for rain or wind. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan like umbrellas or a tent for the entire ceremony area. Wind and noise can be other disadvantages, but both of these can be minimized with secured decorations and noise barriers.

Location, location, location

For the couple that enjoys spending time outdoors, they can have their wedding in a place that is very special to them. All in all, an outdoor wedding can add a lot of character for a couple that favors the outdoors. If a garden wedding is on the cards, one venue option to consider is M Restaurant at The Morris House. Being in its garden is reminiscent of being in the south of France with its formal setting filled with seasonal flowers of azaleas, magnolias, dogwoods, hydrangeas, and rhododendrons. It truly is a magical place, and a hidden gem that will deliver the WOW factor you are  looking for in a unique venue.  There is nothing like it in the country, and perhaps the world, and it will guarantee to make you the most popular hostess of any wedding ever!.


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