The Benefits To Eating Outdoors

At some point this spring, Philadelphia will finally experience several days in a row of warm weather. While summer lovers anticipate the arrival of this weather many are looking forward to and planning their trips out, activities they will partake in, and new spots to eat in the city. One very enjoyable part of dining […]

What Are Traditional Irish Foods?

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon and in Philadelphia, the holiday is a pretty big deal. In fact, Philadelphia is the home of the country’s second oldest parade, the Annual Philadelphia Saint Patrick’s Parade, which took place this year on March 11. While the parade may have ended the celebrations will continue on in […]

Food Trends In 2018

Out with the old and in with the new! 2018 will bring us several new food trends. Some may be beneficial to your health while others may just be fun to add to your Instagram. Check out some of the most popular food innovations that you are bound to see more of this year. Vegan […]

Eating For The Season

We are very fortunate to live in a time when our resources and technology allow us to acquire almost anything we want to eat at any time. Most especially in the city, there are numerous options available to us whether we plan to dine out or eat in. Adjusting our diets to “available” foods used […]

Lucky Foods To Eat For The New Year

Families and friends have a variety of traditions that they practice during the New Year to bring about good fortune. So many traditions in various areas of the world center around food. While many of the foods people will traditionally eat represent something specific such as wealth that they would like to attain in the […]

Hosting Thanksgiving With A Vegetarian

When hosting any event your main concern is being certain that every guest in attendance is happy and can enjoy their visit. Big holiday meals such as Thanksgiving can be especially stressful for a host, as particular expectations are often put on these events. There are several key things to be aware of when hosting […]

Aluminium cans

Summer Canned Wines Guide

Adding to our seasonal wine guide, this time we talk summer wine. Those who are already opposed to wine in boxes will likely not agree with this summer’s wine in a can option. If you’re skeptical of canned wines, that’s OK. The next time you go to the beach or on a picnic with family […]