Six Ways That Technology Is Changing Our Dining Experiences

Gone are the days when dining out was an escape from the ever-growing technology in our world. As restaurants look to improve the dining experience, they are finding that modern technology is the easiest way to do so. The use of robots and drones in a restaurant is no longer a sci-fi fantasy. The ways that we experience dining have changed forever and we have these uses of technology to thank.

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6 Dining Technology To Look Out For

1. Drone Delivery

Delivery drivers and waiters/waitresses are two cornerstones of the restaurant industry, but these two professions may be on the way out. Drones are taking over by storm the means of delivering food to customers. Whether you are consuming food in the restaurant or getting the food delivered to your home, some dining establishments are opting for these flying robots to handle your food until it lands in front of you. Although the face-to-face communication may be missed, it will be nice to not have to worry about tips.

2. Surge Pricing

First implemented in mobile apps designed for driving services like Uber and Lyft, surge pricing is making its way into the restaurant industry. With surge pricing, the price of the food on the menu vary based on how busy the restaurant is. Eating during a popular time will cost you more, but if you don’t mind eating a few hours earlier, you can potentially save a few bucks.

3. Subliminal Ordering

Have you ever arrived at a restaurant but couldn’t figure out what to order? With what is perhaps the creepiest use of technology in restaurants, that ‘what do I want to eat dilemma’ may no longer be a problem. A new form of technology is hitting the dining industry that analyzes your eye movements and uses that information to help you order. Although this form of technology isn’t quite as popular yet, it is surely going to forever change the way we order food at a restaurant.

4. Discount Notifications

Mobile devices have changed most industries in the world and that includes the dining industry too. Restaurant apps and mobile advertisements have existed for a few years now, but a new form of mobile app is furthering this change. These mobile applications can notify you of a discount at a restaurant simply by walking by that restaurant. Choosing a place to eat can be difficult when there are many options near you, but these apps can help you limit your choices by opting for the discounts.

5. Snacks For Reviews

Vending machines are a great alternative for food if you only need a little snack, but not everyone carries change on them in the current world of debit and credit cards. With the new style of vending machines, the only thing you will need is a phone and a social media account.

As payment for your snacks in these vending machines that started in Dayton, Ohio, you will simply have to post something about one of the sponsored dining establishments. If you post a review, you will be rewarded with the candy bar or bag of chips that you are craving.

6. Ordering Without Speaking

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In some restaurants, speaking to someone to order food is a thing of the past. Although in these places the option still exists, you can avoid it completely by ordering through the interactive menus. These menus have all of the food served split up into different categories and you can search the menu by clicking the categories. After you finish up your order, it immediately gets sent to the chefs in the back. From here, the last step is paying and waiting to eat.

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