Fashion Week in Philadelphia

Join us on Wednesday September 19th for A Fashionable 4 Course Chef’s Tasting Menu for $45 featuring dishes honoring some of the top designers in the world.

Start with our “Little Black Dress Martini” to jump-start the night!  Dinner reservations for this special night will be taken from 8-10pm.   All dinner guests will be able to enjoy guaranteed outdoor garden seating, as we will have a formal elegant tent up for the night!  (Earlier reservations are not available.)

Fashion Week presents:
“A Fashionable 4 Course Chefs Tasting Menu”
$45 per person

First Course
Celery root velouté with crystallized celery leaf
Gucci garden greens with sherry shallot vinaigrette

Second Course
Black and White Bow Tie pasta, truffles, fine herbs
Swarovski skatewing, capers, Lauren lemon beurre blanc, romaine and cauliflower

Third Course
seared mustard Geller gnocchi, teardrop tomato, zucchini
Skirt steak with Pearls of onion, maitake mushrooms, summer squash

Fourth Course
Coco torte, strawberries,caramelized white chocolate crumble
Milanese apple fritter, diamond dusting

The L.B.D. The Little Black Dress:
Patron Café, Espresso, Triple Sec Chilled in a martini glass with a sugar rim and lemon twist!

Make your reservations now to avoid disappointment.