Food Trends In 2018

Out with the old and in with the new! 2018 will bring us several new food trends. Some may be beneficial to your health while others may just be fun to add to your Instagram. Check out some of the most popular food innovations that you are bound to see more of this year.

Vegan And Vegetarian Foods

Plant-based diets are continuing to trend and, in fact, are gaining even more popularity into 2018. With people’s attitudes changing in regard to the diet choice several new products are becoming more mainstream and existing meatless products and produce are becoming tastier and more widely available!

  • Jackfruit is gaining popularity rapidly due to its versatility. This tropical fruit is grown in Brazil, Africa, and Southeast Asia on the branches and trunks of tall trees and is capable of reaching up to 100 pounds! Its popularity comes from its amazing ability to be used as a substitute for meat. The fruit has more of a neutral flavor and a consistency similar to pork or chicken. One popular recipe involves dicing the fruit and turning it into a BBQ pulled ‘pork’ sandwich, yet the fruit can be eaten raw or sliced up and added to items like salads or yogurt.
  • Plant-Based ‘Meat’– Only a few years ago vegetarians had a much harder time finding meat substitutes when shopping for groceries. Yet, now that plant-based diets are gaining so much popularity companies are competing to not only sell meat substitutes but create better tasting healthy foods! Many of the substitutes contain an abundant amount of protein with a lot less sodium and unhealthy fats normally found in regular meat products. Companies such as Impossible Foods are working hard to create an enjoyable dining experience with food everyone loves while also reducing their impact on the Earth.
  • Milk Alternatives – While coconut products are still popular this year the newest milk alternative to begin trending is Pea Milk. This vegan option will be big this year and is not only a great choice for vegetarians but those who enjoy non-dairy milks but have a nut allergy. The product still contains lots of protein and had half the sugar that is found in traditional milk.


Charcoal began gaining popularity last year as more and more people started using it in powder form as a beauty product. Activated charcoal has become popular as a teeth whitener and facial cleansing mask. This year we expect to see far more use of charcoal in foods as Instagrammers have turned from their colorful unicorn themed foods to posting pictures of black charcoal infused drinks and food products. Activated charcoal has been used in beauty products because it will bind to things that it comes into contact with such as oils and dirt in your pores when used in a face mask. Consumers should use caution when following this popular food trend though because too much of this product is not a good thing. When added to foods or drinks activated charcoal could remove unwanted toxins from your body, which sounds great! Yet, charcoal can also remove necessary vitamins and minerals from your body and even prevent medications from working! While this fun trend may be a blast to photograph, it might be better to let this food trend go and keep its use to just beauty products.

Hydrogen Water

Last year sparkling water made quite the splash with people who were trying to keep hydrated looking for more exciting ways to enjoy a cold can of water. La Croix was the big hit in 2017 and we are predicting that 2018 will be all about Hydrogen Water. Not that La Croix is going anywhere but Hydrogen Water does offer a few perks that several athletes have already discovered. The product is supposed to provide a boost of energy, remove lactic acid quickly, and provide antioxidants.

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