Historic Restaurant Near Olde City, Philadelphia

The M Restaurant is located in the Morris House Hotel, which was built in the early summer of 1787 by brothers William and John Reynolds. The Reynolds brothers ignored the new fashions in architecture at the time to build a pre-war Colonial style house on Potter’s Field, which is today known as Washington Square in center city.Historic building in Philadelphia - M Restaurant at the Morris House Hotel

The First White House

The design was drawn from the same book of architecture that designed Independence Hall, and records show only slight differences between the “first White House“, which was located nearby on 6th and High Streets, and described as its twin.

The Morris Family

The Morris House takes its name from subsequent dwellers, the famous Morris family, who made it their family home for 120 years.

Over the generations slight changes were made, however the architecture remained the same and has been restored. The building fascade today is the same as it was in 1787. The Morris House remains one of the finest examples of Colonial residential architecture in existence. For more information, check out Wikipedia on the Reynolds-Morris House.

It truly is  an amazing experience to stay at the Morris House Hotel and dine at M, knowing you are eating where Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and John Adams all met and discussed their future Independence from Britain .

My husband and I recently ate at the M Restaurant before a show at the Walnut Street Theater. Our waitress delightfully informed us of the great history behind the Morris House. We had no idea! The food was excellent also! What a gem on our doorstep!” – Susan D., Wayne, Pa