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Lucky Foods To Eat For The New Year

Families and friends have a variety of traditions that they practice during the New Year to bring about good fortune. So many traditions in various areas of the world center around food. While many of the foods people will traditionally eat represent something specific such as wealth that they would like to attain in the […]

Hosting Thanksgiving With A Vegetarian

When hosting any event your main concern is being certain that every guest in attendance is happy and can enjoy their visit. Big holiday meals such as Thanksgiving can be especially stressful for a host, as particular expectations are often put on these events. There are several key things to be aware of when hosting […]

Easter bunny chocolates

Origins Of Easter Foods And Activities

Easter eggs are great and it’s fun to watch children search for them before settling into a satisfying brunch or dinner. There are a number of traditional foods and activities that are associated with Easter and each family picks and chooses which ones to follow. But where do all the traditional foods and activities come […]

Happy 4th of july

Easy 4th Of July Menu Ideas

It won’t be long before the 4th of July will be here. This means cookouts with family and friends, spending time playing volleyball, swimming and much more. If you are planning to host the big gathering this year and aren’t sure what to put on the menu, there are quite a few different options out […]

Health Benefits Of 5 Thanksgiving Staples

Are you looking forward to making a delicious and fresh meal for this year’s Thanksgiving? Everyone is at this time of the year. Learn about the added health benefits of some Thanksgiving, seasonal ingredients and staples that will make you family and friends happy. 5 Thanksgiving Staples Cranberries When you happen to see cranberries, just recognize […]