Italian American Food Traditions At Weddings

If you’re of Italian heritage or if you are marrying someone whose ancestors came from Italy, you may want to incorporate some Italian dishes in your wedding dinner menu. If so, choosing the right mixture of Italian and American foods can help to make a statement about who you are as a couple in addition to being delicious.

Foods for a traditional Italian wedding

A traditional Italian wedding generally includes a variety of dishes, sometimes as many as 12 to 15. The feast begins with antipasti of cured meats, olives, cheeses, marinated mushrooms, calamari and peppers. There is virtually always at least one pasta dish included in the menu, often more than one. Popular choices include pasta with a marinara or meat sauce and a pasta with alfredo sauce. Baked pasta dishes, such as manicotti and lasagna, are often also included. Meats range from veal to chicken to beef. The traditional ending to an Italian wedding feast is a tiered cake, often a cassata cake (white cake with raspberry filling between the layers), accompanied by sugared or candy-coated almonds.

American wedding food

Traditional American wedding food has many similarities to Italian wedding food. American-style weddings often serve multiple main dishes buffet-style with several side dishes. American wedding fare, however, places a stronger emphasis on meat, with most menus including roast beef or a chicken dish. These favorites are often accompanied by a potato dish and a green vegetable. Of course, the traditional end to an American wedding is the wedding cake, most commonly a white cake with white icing.

Choosing the right wedding dinner spot

Of course, whether you choose Italian or American cuisine for your wedding dinner, a romantic setting is essential. M Restaurant at the Morris House, a family-run restaurant in downtown Philadelphia, offers the most romantic restaurant setting in the greater Philadelphia area. Our private, outdoor garden/greenhouse venue can accommodate up to 130 guests. It’s a beautiful setting unlike any other in the Philadelphia area.

A M Restaurant, our banquet menus make good use of local produce and meats and we can include Italian dishes as well as other ethnic specialties you may desire. To learn more about having your wedding reception at M Restaurant at the Morris House, visit our web site or call us at 215 625-6666.

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