Seed To Table and Farm To Table!

Did you know that M Restaurant is one of the only restaurants in center city Philadelphia that is seed to table and farm to table? You will often hear of farm to table, but seed to table is even better. We are involved in every step of the growth of the ingredient right to when it is presented beautifully on your plate at M Restaurant by our fabulous top-rated culinary team.

How are we a “Seed to Table” and “Farm to Table” Restaurant?

Farm and Seed to Table At M Philadelphia RestaurantFirst, we have one of the most beautiful garden’s in center city, which is where we have outdoor events such as weddings, happy hours and corporate events. When you walk by most evenings you will most likely see many patrons enjoying a delicious meal in our outdoor dining area. Tucked away in a corner of our outdoor courtyard is a section where we grow herbs and peppers that are used in the kitchen. So some of our ingredients are grown on-site!

The vast majority of the vegetables and ingredients are grown at the farm of the owners of M Restaurant. All photos from this article show ingredients taken straight from our farm.

Visit M for a “Seed to Table” Dining Experience.

Come on down to M Restaurant and taste why we are seed AND  farm to table! You won’t regret it.

The Story of Lefevre/Nagy Farm in FrenchtownFarm Harvest for Locally Sourced Ingredients

“In 2007 my husband Gene called me and said “I found a farm on the internet that needs a lot of TLC and it has been on the market for 3 years. I think we should take a drive up tomorrow to see it because the broker said the family is ready to accept an offer to finally unload it’. You have to get that my husband has always loved the south of France- we have visited there 5 times in the last 20 years- and he always thought we would retire there. But knowing that scenario was out of the question, he said “The farm is in Frenchtown, NJ. Do you think that will do instead of France?” So I begrudgingly agreed to go. I have my own photography business and it meant canceling two important shoots- so we headed up to Frenchtown on a Thursday in March.

Fresh Fruit, Locally Sourced, M RestaurantFrenchtown sits along the Delaware, and is a small town of Victorian houses each neatly appointed, with a really hip downtown that is frequented by New Yorker’s, serious bikers, both motorcyclists and regular bikes, as well as people who love to drive to show off their antique cars. It is a precious little town that is all of three blocks long and filled with fabulous stores. So we arrive in Frenchtown with the broker and make a right turn onto our lovely street and turn into the driveway. A quarter of a mile later we see a quaint guest house that served as a summer house for cooking, and a large stone house that was built in the 1700’s. It is on prime farming land and has hundreds of pine and blue spruce trees on one side of the house. We find out later that it used to be a Christmas tree farm. We could not believe the views of the lavender hills of Pa across the river, and the amazing serenity and peaceful feeling the whole place had. On the west end of the house there was a very modern wood and glass addition that we found out was designed by an assistant to Frank Lloyd Wright, Antonin Raymond, in 1939. So now we are standing in this super modern room that has incredible vistas of hills and endless woods and are speechless. We basically had a Frank Lloyd Wright knock off of an addition, and the owners were clueless of the true value of their home. We fell in love with the farm and put in a bid in 15 minutes. Two days later, they accepted our offer and we closed in three weeks.Seed to Table at M Restaurant Philadelphia.

We now own a farm that has a Japanese addition to a historic home that was built in 1750 and we love it. That forever changed our lives for the better and we basically divide our time between Frenchtown and Philadelphia. We grow as much as we can for the restaurant and harvest weekly many zucchinis, yellow squashes, bugle butternut squashes, tomatoes, and countless herbs. The farm next to us, owned by the Nagy family, grows the best peaches, plums and apples in the world! They are truly the most amazing fruit, chock a block full of flavor and all grown right next to our farm. We love bringing the weekly harvest to M Restaurant.” – Deborah Lefevre

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