10 Summer Baby Shower Themes

Are you expecting a baby this summer or do you have a loved one who is about to bring a child into the world? Are you wondering what theme you will use for the forthcoming baby shower party? If this is you, relax; there are many amazing baby shower themes that you can choose from depending on your taste and preference.Stroller baby shower

A baby shower is a time for celebration just before a new life comes into the world. A good party with an interesting theme and good food will be a lot of fun the mom-to-be and her friends. Here are ten awesome summer baby shower themes and menus that are sure to be winners with your guests.

Summer Baby Shower Ideas

1. A Garden Theme

A shower purely made for the outdoors will be spectacular when the sun is out. You can enjoy the outdoors and the greenery. The setting should be in an actual garden naturally decorated by beautiful flowers and trees. The menu can be modeled as if the food was directly picked from the garden with a lot of fresh, natural foods especially good for your health conscious friends.

2. Poolside Baby Shower

A poolside party is quite common during summer, but a poolside baby shower could be an interesting one. The pool is a haven during summer, and you can have a good baby shower while you take a dip. The food can be fruit salads served throughout the day to keep everyone cool and energetic the whole time.

3. A Rustic Shower

A rustic baby shower can be outdoors during the summer where you can have a camping mini-theme. You can also dress up which will be a lot of fun. The menu can be totally rustic too, and you can hire someone to roast your meat on a grill outside.

4. Seaside Theme

A beach is a spectacular place during the summer. Everyone can get a good tan while having fun at the same time. The setup can be colorful to give it the spirit of summer when everyone is in a bikini, swimming shorts or sundresses. The menu should include cold drinks such as fresh juice or ice tea. Sandwiches and pastries like cupcakes will be splendid for such a baby shower.

5. Outdoor Picnic Shower

The summer is the perfect time for outdoor picnics. An outdoors picnic will be fun for moms with kids as well as your single friends who will surely be glad to have a reason to spend time outdoors. The menu can be chicken sandwiches with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes accompanied by soft drinks to cool you off.

6. Outdoor Soda Pop Themed Party

Why not use the pun (mom to be is about to pop) to work in your favor. The party can be filled with cold soda pops to drink throughout the event. To accompany the soda pop, the menu can include a fresh summer meal with cucumber, salmon, and a minty bulgar salad, as well as a sweet pea and mint soup.

7. Ice Cream Party

Cold ice cream feels like paradise on a hot summer day. You can have an ice cream party and particularly indulge those friends with a sweet tooth. It will be a lot of fun, and you can play on a lot of ice cream choices as part of your decor. You can also make ice cream sandwiches colored in blue and pink if you want to keep the mystery of the child’s gender.

8. Sports Themed Baby Shower

A sports themed baby shower is particularly appropriate if you are expecting a little boy. You can choose any outdoor sport you like and model the event after the sport e.g. you can have a soccer themed party with goalposts and balls. A short game of the sport can really cheer up the party. You can serve meaty dishes such as beef pops with pineapple and parsley sauce.

9. Baby Shower On A Cruise

The sea is incredible place during summer. There are many cruises for a single day during summer that are amazing. Tea partyYour cruise shower can have a nautical theme which would blend perfectly with the location. The menu can be the buffet provided by most cruises.

10. Tea Party Themed Baby Shower

Lastly, what’s summer without a tea party? You can have an outdoors baby shower with a tea party theme especially good for a summer morning. A tea party can be gorgeously decorated and with an elegant surf and turf menu serving creamy salmon, poached nectarines and a lettuce salad covered with almonds.

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