Planning For A Success: A Thanksgiving Day Guide

The Thanksgiving Day can sometimes invoke a lot of anxiety due to the amount of preparation involved. However, it does not always need to be like that if careful planning is made. Here are some tips to help make the day less stressful and altogether successful for both you and your guests.

Planning For A Successful Thanksgiving DayThanksgiving turkey

Planning any event in advance is crucial so that the necessary steps can be taken to avoid problems on your big day. It can be easy to overlook critical aspects of the day until the last minute. Timely planning helps you cover all the details and leave you with enough room to deal with any unforeseen tasks that may arise on the actual day. The following are seven things to do to ensure your Thanksgiving Day turns out well.

Know The People You Will Host

The first thing to do is to determine the number of people you intend to invite for Thanksgiving including any additional people they might invite. The good thing about knowing who is coming is that:

  • You know the number and who to expect.
  • Once you know who is coming, it will be easy to select the kind of food to prepare as some people have food and drink preferences.
  • Plan financially for a budget that will effectively cater for your guests.

Stock Your Kitchen

Once you have the numbers you can determine the food items you need to buy. Some of the food items such as turkey are in high demand, and they easily run out of stock. If you need fresh food supplies, place your order early to avoid disappointments when the day arrives. Shopping on the last day is not advisable as the stocks are depleted, and prices may increase.

Identify which foods can be prepared early and kept in the freezer ready for the day. This preparation helps reduce the number of activities you need to handle during the day.

Check Your Kitchenware

Depending on the foods you intend to prepare, check and ensure that you have the right utensils. If you already have them, ensure they are in good condition. Have the broken ones repaired or discarded and the dirty ones cleaned in time. This is where you evaluate whether your crockery and cutlery are enough for the guests. If you do not have enough, you can arrange to get additions.

Plan The Menu

Thanksgiving Day is special and there are some standard dishes that people expect on the day, but that does not mean you can’t go off the scripted menu. At this point, it is important to;

  • Consider what treat you want to serve your guests.
  • Consider if you can handle the cooking alone, or you need help. Where necessary, you can pre-order some foods in supermarkets, but you need to make advance arrangements.
  • If children are part of the guests, consider preparing something special for them.

Don’t Forget To Make Space For Leftovers

Empty the fridge and clean it thoroughly. Doing so will help you store all the leftovers with little hassle. The activities of the day will drain your strength, leaving you no energy to clean the fridge. Apart from the refrigerator, other parts of the kitchen that will be used on that day such as table tops need to be cleaned.

Think About DecorationsFestive decorated table

Decorations are not just for Christmas, they can also be incorporated into Thanksgiving. Do you intend to decorate your home for the day? If so, consider the theme you have for the day and ensure it is amplified in the utensils, linen, and other items.

Schedule Activities For The Day

Plan fun activities and spread them out through the day to make it more enjoyable and memorable for everyone. Your family and friends can help you choose the events you can organize during that day. Schedule the activities and let your guests know about them so they can prepare if necessary.

If you want to have a great Thanksgiving Day, you need to plan for it in advance. You may think you are ready for the day only to discover your unpreparedness when it is too late. Failure to pay attention to the smallest of details can ruin your day. Involve your family and friends as you look for ideas to make the day a memorable and hassle free one.

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