The Benefits To Eating Outdoors

At some point this spring, Philadelphia will finally experience several days in a row of warm weather. While summer lovers anticipate the arrival of this weather many are looking forward to and planning their trips out, activities they will partake in, and new spots to eat in the city. One very enjoyable part of dining out in the warmer months is being able to eat outdoors. There is never a shortage of rooftop bars and outdoor patios popping up in the city and its surrounding areas. Yet, why is it that we have such a desire to dine outdoors? There happen to be several reasons why it beneficial to our well-being.

Reduce Your Stress

Studies have repeatedly shown that spending time outdoors and in nature is beneficial to our health and has a de-stressing effect on our bodies. One study sent students into a forest for two nights and the results of spending time outdoors in nature was a reduction in cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone the body produces when stressed. Heart rates also tend to lower after some time is spent outdoors and blood pressure can also go down. It is often recommended for office workers to have some green plants near their workspace and have a window view of some nature in order to have a higher job satisfaction, better productivity, and lower stress levels.

Boost Your Mood And Creativity

Several studies have also indicated that being outside and around nature boosts not only your mood but your creativity as well! This is probably most obvious to people who live in areas of the world that get little to no sunlight for large portions of time or to anyone who suffers from seasonal depression. Some studies show that people who spend more time indoors have a higher rate of anxiety and depression. A little sunlight can do the body good and it is a natural and free mood booster. You may even find that after a lunchtime walk you find yourself more productive and creative at work.

Better Health

Those that eat or just spend more time outdoors are healthier. We learned that being outdoors helps to reduce stress which in turn will reduce an individual’s risk of developing many health complications such as heart issues. There is not a lot of research on the topic but it is believed that time spent outdoors can lower your risk of cancer! This could be due to the fact that spending time outdoors lowers stress and inflammation which has numerous positive effects on the body.

Of course, spending time in the sunlight also provides you with vitamin D. This is great for your immune system and has a multitude of health benefits. Just remember to use sunscreen!

Maintain A Social And Active Lifestyle

Whether you are eating out on a restaurant patio, grabbing drinks at a rooftop bar, or grilling in your backyard, being outdoors tends to create a much more social environment. Everyone can be involved in the fun and there tends to be a lot more room for everyone to join in the fun! You might find families bringing their dogs out to the patio to enjoy the weather and kids will want to tag along as well. BBQs are far more enjoyable when lots of people are there to partake!

Eating outside with friends and family tends to lead to a more activity. There is a lot more of a desire to exercise when you are out in pleasant weather with a group of people. Food also tends to be healthier and less fatty. You don’t want to heavy of a meal when sitting out in the heat!

After all that social time and exercise you are more likely to get a great night of sleep. Eating outdoors has been proven to improve a person’s sleep quality. You can wake up feeling refreshed and happy and ready to take on another day!

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